REPORT: Putting health care back into aged care


Older people have the same right to quality health care as any Australian. Sadly, this right is often not realised, as the Royal Commission has shown. Furthermore, this is projected to become worse as our population ages and demand for aged care and health care services increase.

This report by the澳大利亚医疗协会(AMA)将医疗保健投入老年护理. The AMA’s recommendations align with the Royal Commission’s views for genuine person-centred care, however, the AMA recommendations differ in some aspects of achieving this.可以从完整的报告the AMA and can be downloaded from the AMA website.


To achieve the necessary solutions, the AMA makes the following recommendations:

  1. 通过GPS将Medicare折扣增加50%,以补偿与他们自己的房间内的GP咨询相比所涉及的额外时间和复杂性。(完整报告中提供的建模和详细成本核算)

  1. Introduce MBS telehealth items for phone calls between the GP, nursing home staff and relatives.

  1. Introduce a Medical Access Aged Care Quality Standard for nursing homes.

  1. Introduce Care Finders who work closely with GPs to coordinate both health and aged care services.

  1. 在与患者通常的GP协调,在所有当地卫生网络中引入所有当地健康网络的医院老年人护理队员。

  1. Ensure that Aged Care Assessment remains with State health services which involve medical specialists, coordinating and collecting information from the older person’s usual GP.

  1. Mandate minimum staff-to-resident ratios in nursing homes.

  1. 现场24/7的任务在养老院注册护士供应情况,并根据居民需求的水平。

  1. Mandate a minimum qualification for personal care attendants that includes basic health care, and continuous training of the aged care workforce with specific funding attached for training.

  1. Ensure interoperability between GP clinical and aged care software systems, including My Aged Care and My Health Record.

  1. Ensure that Home Care Packages are available to all those who need them, at the level of their need and a maximum of three months following the assessment. (modelling and detailed costing provided in full report)

The AMA looks forward to working with the Australian Government further as it reforms the aged care sector in response to the Royal Commission.

Full report at download link.