Setting Medical Fees and Billing Practices 2017

25 Jul 2017

1.1. As highly trained professionals, medical practitioners are free to place their own value on their professional skills and expertise, and determine what they consider to be a fair and reasonable fee for the services they provide.

1.2. TheCompetition and Consumer Act 2010除非澳大利亚竞争和消费者委员会另有授权,否则需要医疗从业者独立于其他医生的费用。

1.3. In setting their fees, medical practitioners should also take account of their practice costs. The cost of running a medical practice varies across the country and within specialties. Practice costs include but are not limited to, wages for practice staff, rent, electricity, computers, continuing professional development, practitioner registration, practice accreditation and professional indemnity insurance.

1.4. 医生也应在每个案件中满足自己的案件,就考虑到自己的成本以及案件和患者的特殊情况。美国不支持滥收费;费用that the majority of a practitioner’s peers would consider to be unacceptable.

1.5。 医疗从业人员不义务收取等于政府或私人健康保险公司(私人计划)所设定的医疗福利日程表所设定的医疗保险费用的费用。

1.6。 提供的所有专业医疗服务应按适用的MBS项目或AMA服务和费用列表(AMA列表)项目,用于无需相应的MBS项目。

1.7。 如果医疗执业者签署了与私人健康保险公司的合同,则必须遵守计费要求。通过发布一秒钟的单一疗程的单独账单来规避合同安排是不合适的。

1.8。 It is not uncommon for medical practitioners provide services altruistically and without a charge. The decision to provide services without financial benefit should be a decision made by the individual practitioner. In doing so, practitioners should also ensure they understand their legal liability and insurance coverage.

1.9。 Indexation of the MBS and the private schedules have not kept pace with the costs of providing medical care. This is why patients may have out-of-pocket costs for medical services. The AMA List is indexed annually at a rate that takes account of the cost of providing medical services and is therefore higher than the MBS and private schedules. The AMA List guides members in setting their fees with periodic indexation.

1.10. The AMA opposes the introduction of any legislation that prescribes or restricts the fees that medical practitioners must charge.

1.11. Medical practitioners should have a billing policy for their practice which includes:

· 付款需要时;

· 延迟付款的早期付款或收费的任何折扣;

· acceptable forms of payment; and

· 讨论付款问题和问题的人的姓名和联系方式。

1.12 Medical practitioners should document their fee setting and billing policies and make them available to their patients.

1.13 The AMA encourages good informed financial consent (IFC) practice and the provision of information about medical fees to patients. Medical practitioners are encouraged to review AMA’s Position Statement知情财务同意(2015年)。

Adopted 2015.

Revised 2017.