NOTICE 1:COVID-19 MBS Telehealth items.

Please be advised that the new COVID-19 Telehealth MBS items will Not be reflected in the AMA Fees List for two main reasons:

  • These items must be bulk billed and a gap fee cannot be charged for medical services provided under these MBS items.
  • These items are time limited.

然而,如果一个远程医疗》l service is provided under a State compensation scheme, members are advised to contact the regulator in that State as different rules apply in each state.

For detailed and up to date information on the new COVID-19 Telehealth MBS items please visit the MBS online website at:

For latest information about the coronavirus outbreak visit the AMA website

NOTICE 2:Major changes to MBS Diagnostic Imaging Services - 1stMay 2020

The AMA wishes to advise of significant changes to Diagnostic Imaging Services under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) that will become effective from 1 May 2020. We encourage affected medical practitioners and their practice to become familiar with the changes before the effective date of 1 May to reduce disruptions to billing practices.

An overview of the changes are provided at the AMA websitehere. The Department of Health has advised that a series of fact sheets and quick reference guides will be published onMBS onlineshortly; for MBS changes to each of the diagnostic imaging modalities, that is, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine imaging and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), as well as for changes to the capital sensitivity arrangements and the radiologist co-claiming changes.

The AMA Fees List will be updated to reflect the MBS changes to diagnostic imaging services in due course. AMA members and other subscribers of the Fees List will be notified by email when these changes become available.

The AMA Fees List is now Online

The Fees List is now available exclusively online

Since November 2017, there have been some changes to the way you access and pay for the AMA List of Services and Fees (Fees List). The Fees List is now available exclusively online. AMA Members will continue to have unlimited, free access to the Fees List. Non-members can purchase annual subscriptions to the Fees List, on a per-user basis.

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Subscription Types and Pricing

12-month subscriptions (valid 01 November 2019 to 31 October 2020) start at a $499 single entry price*, with add-on fees for additional users.

The add-on fees are on a sliding scale, from $99 each for 2-10 additional users, to $69 each for a further 11-50 users, and $39 each additional user over the 51 additional users mark . The more additional users, the cheaper it gets. Terms and conditions apply.

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About the AMA Fees List

The AMA publishes the List of Medical Services and Fees (Fees List) annually. It is provided to members for costing assistance and guidance only. From 1974 to 2016 the Fees List was printed and distributed in hard copy book format. From 2017, the Fees List has been completely modernised and is now being delivered exclusively online.


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